All alarm companies that install, monitor, service, or respond to alarm systems are required to be licensed by the state in which they operate. In order for an alarm company to seek licensure, they must have a Qualifying Agent who has passed rigorous licensing examination.

In addition, each individual applicant, partner, or corporate officer must meet the following requirements:

• Be 18 years or older
• Undergo a criminal history background check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
• Have committed no offense or violation of the Alarm Company Act that would be grounds for license suspension or revocation

ADS proudly upholds these high industry standards and holds licenses in the following states:

  • Alabama
    001, 072, 56993, 094, 1562, 231, A-0269, A-0273, 050, 062, 1640, A-0299, A-0625, S-55514, A-0820
  • Florida
    EF20001268, 1782-0001-2008
  • Georgia
    LVA205166, LVU406710, LVA206037, LVA206076
  • Illinois
  • Mississippi
    15008579, 15005720
  • North Carolina
    2554-CSA, SP.FA/LV.30986
  • South Carolina
    BAC.5181, BAC.13626, FAC.13663, BAC.13696, FAC.13731, FAC.13633, BAC.13780, FAC.13733, FAC.3221, BAC.13777
  • Tennessee
    183, 1951, 283, 293